After growing up with most my cooking done for me (don’t judge), and getting through freshman year on a combination of as few dining hall visits as possible, three-times-daily Wawa trips and campusfoods deliveries, all accompanied with the appropriate grumblings and rumblings, I’ve decided to make life that much more difficult by 1) going vegetarian, and 2) attempting to cook – real food – this year. Keeping in mind that a month ago I would not have trusted myself with a toaster… this blog will attempt to chronicle all ensueing, for-the-lack-of-a-better word, debacles.  

To be honest, I don’t know why parents, well mine at any rate, subscribe to this perception that college students have plenty of free time. I know that thats total bs, and accordingly, everything on here will hopefully be pretty simple and not too time consuming. And obviously, if I, the ultimate noob cook can do it, you really don’t have to worry. No, really.

Whether it be vegetarian (or not, who knows) recipes, snack ideas, cheap or maybe not-so-cheap tips, I’ll attempt to cover it… and provide photographic evidence for your entertainment.

  1. Your blog seems pretty awesome, even just one post in! I remember being in college at Pitt and eating all the crappy cafeteria food, supplemented by Easy Mac, sugary cereals, and late-night bar munchies. I wish I’d forced myself to eat healthier while I was in college, but at least I got my act together post-grad…
    Good luck with both going veg and cooking real food while taking classes!

  2. I agree. I wish I had had a clue when I was in college. I would have still drank the beer, don’t get me wrong, but I could have done without everything I ate being white flour and sugar and fat….alllllll just in different combinations.

    Younshould be proud of yourself…this is awesome! You need to add a subscribe or follow on FB!!

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